Friends? :D

(No offense to any Tales fans but I couldn't think of anything else to put here)
The more personal/touchy stuff in my journal will get marked friends-only. You can still see my writing (etc), but to see my actual journal posts you'll need to be my friend. You should know the drill by now.
Post here with how you found my LJ, what we have in common, etc. Thank you!

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An article I wrote.

I know there are a good deal of MOTHER fans on my f-list, so I figured I'd share this with them (or anyone interested in reading).

For a competition/event on The Spriter's Resource, we could submit up to 3 articles on specific themes in video games to be posted on The Videogame Resource throughout the month of May.

The category I chose was "Favorite Video Game Friendship (or romance)." Guess what game I chose? 8D

Anyways, the article focuses on Ness and Porky's relationship throughout Earthbound and a bit of MOTHER3. A lot of it is me speculating, and I probably should have put some sort of disclaimer in there about how one of the reasons the characters in the series are so wonderful is that everyone has their own interpretations of their relationships.

That said, I hope you'll enjoy reading this!

Read it here!

[Fanmix] Famous for a Century - Rakka and Reki (Haibane Renmei)

Because why the hell haven't I made a fanmix for my favorite anime yet

Cover is sort of misleading, it's hard to find art of these two. This focuses on the last half of the anime, so it's a little more depressing... no direct lyrical spoilers or anything though. If you're reading this and HAVEN'T finished Haibane, GO DO SO NOW. Best ending. <3

This might be a little... erratic. I wanted to contrast Rakka and Reki's songs, until the end, where they kind of mush together into a nice little musical paste. C:


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ITT intothewolves sells stuff to make money for a PSP and P3P

Hey everyone. So, I've decided I need a PSP so I can play P3P, the Persona remake and any other awesome games that Atlus comes out with for it. (or other companies. Whatever).

So, to play P3P, what do I need to sell. Simple! My collection of P3 anthologies! :D

Now, if you were expecting hot Akihiko/Shinjiro action, it's best you turn back now, because none of these are very sexy. They are, however, funny (even if you don't know Japanese, a lot of the gags are visual or easy to understand). They also have some good art.

I am also selling the first season of House on DVD, as well as the first DVD volumes of FLCL (2 eps) and Paranoia Agent (4 eps). In addition I'm looking to part with my Akihiko figure (SOLD), my Japanese P3 strategy guide, my Kakashi (Naruto) plushie, and my Suezo (Monster Rancher) plush.

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Hogtied with your words - a Pokey/Ness Fanmix

UPDATE 5/26/2011
Going to post this on the fanmix community (and possibly a few MOTHER series comms). As such, re-uploaded to Mediafire.
Also, I wanted to divulge something: There was originally supposed to be a one-shot fanfic that went with this, but I'm still as unsure of my fanfic-writing abilities as I was a year ago and chickened out both times. orz

So, this is my first fanmix that I'm releasing. I've made more but I thought they sucked so I didn't put them on my journal or anything.

This one... I'm not so sure about it, but I like the music, so that'll have to do for now.

17 songs. The zip file includes the cover, cause people seem to do that. The cover's nothing very pretty though, just me messing around in CS4.

( Download here  )
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